• Tariff Classification. The tariff classification of merchandise governs the rate of duty that is charged to importers at entry into the United States. Proper classification requires a detailed legal analysis and thorough knowledge of the international Harmonized Tariff System (HTS), which has been adopted by over 120 countries of the world. We work to identify and claim the best classification that results in the lowest legally correct rate for importers.

  • Customs Valuation. Importers must ensure that the correct method of valuation is applied to their merchandise and that all elements of value prescribed by law are included in the value reported to the customs authorities. We bring unparalleled expertise to bear on all valuation issues. 

  • Audits. Formal investigations and audits by customs officers can result in significant penalties for importers. Alcaraz Tocchini provides guidance and representation throughout the audit process, seeking to minimize and eliminate our clients' exposure to additional duties and penalties.

  • Intellectual PropertyIf you own valuable trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property, you must ensure that no one is importing goods using your intellectual property without your permission. Whether importing or challenging "gray market" goods or counterfeit articles, strategies are available to you to protect your interests. If imported merchandise is detained or wrongly seized by customs officers, Alcaraz Tocchini can aggressively advocate in court for the return of your goods. We also handle Section 337 investigations before the US International Trade Commission (ITC).